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WhatsApp Integration with CrmOne helps to boost your revenue and streamline your communication. Automate your marketing, sales, and support processes. You can plan to schedule messages to send bulk broadcasts. CrmOne makes it easy to manage multiple campaigns and handle high sales volumes.


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Instant Lead Capture

With CrmOne WhatsApp integration, capturing leads has been more accessible. You can Seamlessly capture leads from WhatsApp chats into the CrmOne system. This ensures every opportunity is noticed and every interaction is recorded for future follow-ups. You save all your leads in CrmOne. You can quickly get leads, which might help your business to capture up to 70-80% more leads.


Seamless Integration


Centralized Lead Management


Personalized Engagement


Advanced Filtering

Dedicated WhatsApp Dashboard

Manage all your WhatsApp chats, leads, and interactions from one centralized dashboard. The dashboard makes it easy to see and handle all your customer relationships. This centralized system lets you filter unread messages, identify interested leads, and track the entire lead journey. It provides a complete view of your sales funnel, helping you make informed decisions and adjust your way of dealing with each lead.


Real-Time Chat Management


Lead Journey Tracking


Centralized Communication


Team Coordination

WhatsApp Automation & Chatbot

Use advanced automation tools and chatbots to engage with customers even when your team is offline. Set up auto-replies, triggers, and custom messages to keep Engagement and move leads through the sales funnel. You can talk to potential customers at the best time with smart automatic replies and triggers. This automation will increase the chances of your conversions. The chatbot lets you send custom replies and talk to leads and customers in a more personal way.


Personalized Messaging

Send personalized WhatsApp messages to every lead with one click, without saving their number. This personalization makes connecting with your potential customers easier by enhancing the chances of conversion. Personalized messaging is key to engaging leads in a meaningful way. It shows the lead that your business pays attention to its unique requirements and is ready to offer solutions that fit.


Lead Specific Interaction


Automated Engagement


No Contact Saving


Custom Replies

Advanced Chat Filters

Sort and prioritize leads with advanced chat filters. Find interested leads, keep in touch with potential buyers, and handle communications better. Advanced Chat Filters allow you to sort through your WhatsApp chats and identify the most promising leads. You can filter chats on specific criteria such as interested, engaged, or purchase responses and decide whom to follow up with first.


Quick Lead Identification


Improve Sales Strategy


Prioritize Your Efforts


Enhance Lead Management

Bulk Messaging Capability

Use the power of automation to send out bulk messages. Reach out to multiple leads with the ability to send bulk WhatsApp messages. The Bulk Messaging Capability allows you to send WhatsApp messages to many leads or customers. This Messaginghelps send out news, deals, or updates to a broad audience by ensuring your message reaches many potential customers.


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Dynamic Sales and Marketing

Transforming WhatsApp into your multifunctional platform for sales, marketing, and support. This allows your business to leverage WhatsApp for various business activities, which helps them connect better with customers and reach more people.


Lead Capture from Chats

The ability to grab leads from WhatsApp chats ensures that businesses take advantage of potential opportunities. This feature is crucial for capturing and nurturing leads in real time.


Centralized Communication

With a dedicated WhatsApp Dashboard, businesses can manage all their WhatsApp communications from a single dashboard. This centralization simplifies the management of messages and interactions, making it more efficient.


Engagement with Key Leads

The ability to filter through messages allows businesses to prioritize and engage with the most important leads first. This helps focus efforts on potential customers who are more likely to convert.


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