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Create your tailor surveys with CrmOne Survey Builder. Gather important information and make collecting data simple. Create your questionnaires, look at the answers, and use them for your better business plans. Make surveys quickly and improve your customer satisfaction with our advanced survey builder.


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Email Surveys

CrmOne Email Survey Builder helps your sales team create, send, and understand surveys. You can customize templates for customer feedback, employee thoughts, or market research. It connects with your email for quick sending to fit your specific needs and branding. Our email survey lets you send surveys with your favorite service and syncing responses to your database. See quick updates with our real-time analytics.


Seamless Integration


Customizable Templates


Advanced Question Logic


Real-Time Analytics

Web Surveys

CrmOne’s Web Survey Builder elevates your team’s performance. Our Web surveys are hosted on websites or landing pages. Respondents can access the survey by clicking on a link or a pop-up window on the website. You can make surveys that focus on your customers likes, their pain problems, and what they expect. Use this information to improve your sales plans and help your team to close deals faster.


Tailored for Sales Efficiency


Customizable Surveys


Advanced Question Logic


Mobile Optimization

Social Media Surveys

CrmOne’s Social Media Survey Builder allows you to create, share, and distribute surveys to a broader audience. It provides simple templates for making surveys quickly. Businesses can post survey links on their social media pages or in groups to get feedback from their followers and contacts. You can track real-time analytics of engagement and gather actionable insights. This helps you to connect with their social media audience, find out what customers like, and use that data to improve their plans and actions.


SMS Surveys

SMS surveys send text links or questions to people’s phones for immediate engagement. Receive and analyze responses as soon as they come in for quick insights. Target your specific customer groups based on previous interactions or demographics. Set up automatic replies or complete customer profiles.


Instant Delivery


High Response Rates


Real-Time Feedback


Customizable Questions

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In-Depth Customer Insights

CrmOne surveys help you learn more about your customer’s preferences, behaviors, and feedback. This insight helps make your products and services and how you market them better fit to meet customer needs.


Enhance Marketing Strategies

The survey feedback can be used to improve your sales and marketing teams. This leads to better customer relationships and higher sales conversions.


Actionable Feedback

Surveys provide quick insights, enabling businesses to adapt and refine their strategies. Being quick to respond is very important in the fast-moving business world, as it can give you an edge over your competitors.


Increased ROI

By using the CrmOne survey feedback tool to refine campaigns, businesses can maximize their ROI. This achieves better target customers’ needs and wants, leading to more effective marketing and sales efforts.


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