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Save your time and boost productivity with our integrated calendar management. Share your meeting details, block essential dates, and set reminders, tasks, and tags. Also, you can customize your calendar views. This will help you manage high-priority clients and complex schedules. Our clever calendar represents a holistic approach to managing your time and resources.


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Streamline Scheduling

Our calendar management lets you schedule an immediate meeting by saving your usual planning time. Streamline scheduling ensures that team calendars are synchronized. You can tailor your schedule by choosing available times and setting aside time for important meetings. You can also customize your view for the calendar. This flexibility allows you to plan their schedules to manage their needs and preferences.


Seamless Team Coordination


Smart Scheduling


Personalization and Flexibility


Simplified User Experience

Instant Filter Access

Instant Filter would enable users to find and instantly manage appointments, meetings, and events. You can apply filters to the events or meetings you want, such as filtering by client meetings, team meetings, or specific projects. Create custom filters to view all upcoming deadlines or appointments with a particular client. You could quickly switch between different filters to get various perspectives on your schedules.


Quick Filtering


Customizable Filters


Enhanced Visibility


Easy Navigation

Google Sync Simplified

You can link your CrmOne calendar management to your Google Calendar with a few clicks. Google lets you sync appointments, meetings, and events in real-time. Details like meeting times, descriptions, participants, and locations will be kept the same on both platforms. With Google Calendar integration, you can see and handle client appointments from your Google Calendar app on any device. Google sync ensures accuracy and reduces the need for manual updates. Any changes made in the CrmOne calendar would automatically reflect in the Google Calendar and vice versa


Unified Across Devices

Changes made in the CrmOne calendar on one device would reflect across all other devices. Adding, deleting, or updating an appointment on your device will update your mobile phone and vice versa. Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, with CrmOne, the functionality of the calendar would remain consistent. Access your calendar and all its functionalities in real-time, no matter where you are or what device you use.


Real-Time Access


Data Security and Integrity


Consistent User Experience


Seamless Synchronization

Plan your meetings on the go with CrmOne Calendar

Simplify Every Step with Easy Drag-and-Drop


Easy Scheduling

The drag-and-drop functionality allows for quick and easy movement of meetings and appointments. This quick way of scheduling is crucial for your business to save time and effort in planning and scheduling activities.


Real-Time Synchronization

Changes made to appointments or meetings are immediately synced with your team’s calendars. This keeps everyone updated right away, which helps the team work together better and reduces the chances of scheduling conflicts.


Enhance Team Collaboration

With everyone’s calendars updated instantly, team collaboration is improved. Team members can easily see each other’s availability, which makes it simpler to set up meetings and work together.


Simplified Calendar Adjustments

The ease of dragging and dropping appointments reduces the calendar’s complexity. This easy way of changing schedules is suitable for your business, which often needs to adjust its schedule plans, ensuring you can do it fast and efficiently.


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