Stop Contact Juggling! Import, Organize, and Connect with Ease.

Smart and Simple Bulk Import Contacts

Forget tedious contact entry! CrmOne’s Bulk Import lets you upload your contacts in a flash with a CSV file. Import your contacts in Bulk and let CrmOne handle your contacts management. It helps you streamline how to import, organize, and manage your network.


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Bulk import contacts like a pro

Import your entire contact networks in a click.

Manage Access Rights

Grant access to multiple contacts in one swift action. Bulk access granting saves time and resources. Proper access rights protect data and security. Manage your access rights and choose who sees what. Grant broad permissions or restrict access to your specific contacts. Our feature lets you control and manage data access with precision.


Time-Saving Precision


Data Integrity Assurance


Automate Recurring Tasks


Mapping Users

Managing Dropdown Lists

Entering contacts is time-consuming and error-prone. Our Bulk Import Contacts feature lets you add contacts from the dropdown. This Dropdown List simplifies the data entry process. and manages your data transfer hassle-free. By uploading a single file, you can add multiple contacts. It ensures your CRM stays up-to-date and accurate.


Streamlined Process


Error Prevention


Real-time Updates


Data Organization

Mapping External Fields

The Mapping External Fields feature aligns your CSV data with CrmOne fields. Save time using our predefined mappings for consistent and efficient data imports. This field mapping ensures that key details, like names and emails, are added to CrmOne.


Customer Tagging

Organizing contacts is crucial for better customer management and classification. Our Streamlined Customer Tagging feature manages and categorizes your contacts. It makes updating your interactions and campaigns to specific customer groups easier. It ensures that your CRM data is organized and actionable.


Tagging Configuration


Custom Tag Creation


Tagging Reports


Tag Preview

Data Checkup

Maintaining a healthy CRM starts with clean and accurate data. The Data Checkup feature examines your imported contacts. It finds and fixes potential issues to ensure your CRM information stays accurate. Ensuring data integrity helps avoid errors and provides a smooth import experience.


Error Detection


Data Validation


Preventative Measures


Routine Checkups

Boost efficiency and save time with CrmOne Bulk Import

Import and smartly manage your data


Quick and Easy Data Transfer

CrmOne allows the import of customer data in Bulk, easing the transfer of large amounts of data at once. This makes it easier for your business to manage extensive customer data, saving time and resources


Improved Data Management

With the ability to import up to 25 MB of CSV files, CrmOne offers powerful tools for managing your customer information. This allows your business to organize and analyze large datasets, helping your business to manage customer relationships better.


Reduced Manual Errors

By adopting Bulk data import, You can minimize the errors associated with manual data entry. This results in more accurate customer data, which is important for making the right decision-making and providing better customer service.


Improved Productivity

The convenience of Bulk data import simplifies the process of updating and maintaining your customer records. This improved efficiency can boost the productivity of your teams, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.


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Business Excellence.

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