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Our easy-to-use SMS templates allow you to add instant messaging to your customer relationship plans. With open rates higher than email, Our SMS templates ensure your messages are seen and acted upon. Customize each message with dynamic fields by making every customer feel valued. Use our user-friendly interface to create, manage, and deploy SMS marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.


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Key Features of CrmOne SMS Templates

Boost your Lead Conversions with Precise Targeted Texts

Personalized Messaging

CrmOne Enables the customization of SMS messages to include things like the person’s name when you last talked, or what they like. You can customize SMS messages to match each customer’s details, making sure the messages are relevant and feel personal. This personalized approach increases customer engagement by making messages more relatable and attention-grabbing.


Customization Capabilities


Enhanced Engagement


Use Customer Data

Automated Triggers

Sends texts on specific actions, such as if a customer buys something, asks a question, or updates their account. This makes the customer experience better by giving important info right on time. CRMONE Offers the ability to set up custom triggers based on a wide range of customer behaviors and interactions with your business. This ensures timely communication and enhances customer experience without manual intervention.


Action-Based Messaging


Customizable Triggers


Timely Communication

Segmentation and Targeting

Create segments in your contact lists based on criteria like demographics, buying history, or engagement so your messages match what each group likes. You can also segment contacts by actions like website visits, looking at products, or previous buys to send them messages they care about. Send relevant messages to each segment, increasing engagement and response. This increases the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns and promotions.


Template Management

CrmOne Offers a centralized repository for managing and editing SMS templates. Your sales and marketing teams can create, modify, and sort templates to align with various campaigns and goals. It provides one easy-to-use place to keep all SMS templates, making managing and finding templates for different campaigns simple. You can also customize templates to align each campaign’s goals. This makes sure messages stay consistent and relevant.


Centralized Repository


Template Organization


Quick Editing

Compliance and Opt-out Management

CrmOne includes mechanisms to maintain telecom compliance and handle opt-outs through Twilio. Updates the system with new rules to keep it compliant without needing manual work. This Ensures all SMS communications follow the telecommunications laws and regulations by reducing the risk of legal penalties. This protects businesses from legal issues and respects customer preferences.


Regulatory Compliance


Compliance Reporting


Automated Opt-out Processing

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

SMS templates allow for immediate and direct communication with customers. Personalized messages can make customers feel valued and keep your brand top of mind.


Improved Conversion Rates

Targeted SMS messages, driven by CRM data, can lead to higher conversion rates. Personalized offers and timely reminders sent via SMS are more likely to prompt action from recipients.


High Open and Response Rates

SMS has a higher open and response rate than other communication channels. This ensures that your messages are not only seen but also acted upon.


Real-Time Customer Service

Use SMS templates to quickly answer questions, give support, and share updates with customers. This real-time communication can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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