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Smart Data Management with Bulk Operations

Manage your Leads, Deals, sales processes, and customer relationships with Bulk operations. Distribute tasks among team members with batch task assignments. Update bulk contact records and fields such as contact details, status, or custom fields across a selected data group. Boost Your Productivity with CrmOne Bulk Operations – Save Time and Work Smarter!


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Manage your Leads and Campaigns at Scale

Update & Maintain Records

Make changes to multiple records in just a few clicks. Update your contact information and various contact fields, change your status, or delete contacts. Apply relevant tags to an entire segment of contacts or remove irrelevant tags from records at once. Bulk import and Export your unlimited contacts and account information.


Multi-Record Updates


Bulk Contact Management


Tag Management


Bulk Import and Export

Task Assignment in Batches

Enhance your team efficiency by streamlining task assignment processes. Delegating tasks to team members in batches eliminates the need to assign tasks one by one. With Bulk Task Addition, team members can see their tasks, update progress, and talk with other departments.


Batch Task Assignment


Bulk Task Addition


Progress Tracking



Scale Marketing Campaigns

Manage your marketing campaigns by targeting specific segments of your contacts. Select the recipients based on location, industry, or any custom parameter. Connect with your customers using the most popular channels like emails, newsletters, WhatsApp, SMS, and more. Set up automated workflows with Defined rules, triggers, and actions that match your specific campaign needs.


Bulk Update History

Gain insights into past actions, including mass updates, task assignments, and communication campaigns. Here, you can view the status and the details of your ongoing and previous bulk updates. This log ensures transparency and accountability in your marketing strategy.


Update Log


Status Tracking


Insightful Analytics


Transparency in Operations

Personalize Your Marketing – Send Targeted Emails Using Bulk Operations

Scale your business with CrmOne Bulk Operations



CrmOne Bulk Operation allows users to manage, update, add, and delete data in bulk with a few clicks. This saves a lot of time compared to handling data entries one by one, helping your business to operate more efficiently.


Flexibility to manage data

Users can choose the data format that suits their needs, making it easier to work with various types of information. This adaptability ensures that the CrmOne can accommodate different data structures and formats.


In-Depth Analysis

Bulk exporting of data allows businesses to perform in-depth analysis and generate complete reports. This capability is crucial for making informed decisions and gaining insights into customer behavior, trends, and performance.


Workflow Efficiency

CrmOne can execute custom bulk operations tailored to your specific business requirements and enhance workflow efficiency. You can automate repetitive tasks, ensuring your system aligns with the unique business processes.


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Business Excellence.

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