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Manage your Sales Activity Operations

Track and manage calls, emails, meetings, and tasks, all in one centralized place. Automate sales processes and reduce manual work, allowing your team to focus on selling. Get clear reports on sales activities to see what’s effective and Adjust your plans. Send messages based on facts that connect well with your prospects and customers, thus making higher conversion rates. Start redefining your sales, track and direct your sales efforts from anywhere with CrmOne today.


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Key Features of CrmOne Sales Activity Tracking

Boost your Productivity with Seamless Sales and User Activity Tracking

Sales plan and processes

Add and track custom sales tasks, such as events, training, and meetings, to fit different sales needs. The platform supports unified customer interaction management across many channels. For a seamless sales process, sales teams can organize and track customer talks across email, chat, social media, and phone calls.


Performance Tracking


Visual Sales Pipelines


Personalized Sales Notifications

Sales timeline

Keep the sales timeline updated with real-time calls, emails, meetings, and task tracking. Show a clear timeline for each deal, from the first contact to the final sale. Use markers to indicate the progress of deals at each step, showing success or potential risks due to inactivity. Allow teams to add their key points to the timeline to better track their sales steps and goals.


Visual Sales Timeline


Progress Markers


Actionable Insights

Real-time Activity Tracking

Track what users do in real time to understand how employees perform and interact with customers. Monitor remote employees’ activities to ensure productivity remains high regardless of location. Track what users do as it happens, giving quick insights into how well employees work and interact with customers. This helps increase work productivity and customer involvement.


Engagement Activity Logging

Log every email, call, and meeting with potential and current customers in the CRM to keep a full record of all interactions. Allow for the addition of custom activity types to cater to specific industry needs, making the tracking system more versatile and relevant. CRMONE Records all interactions (emails, calls, meetings) with prospects and customers, ensuring a complete and accurate history of engagements.


Log Activity Types


Real-Time Updates


Sharing Options

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Optimize Your Sales Cycle with Complete Activity Tracking


Engagement Insight

Activity Tracking provides a complete view of every customer interaction. This helps you make informed decisions and tailor how to engage with customers.


Operational Efficiency

Streamline your sales and marketing processes through automation and real-time data analysis. This leads to higher productivity and efficiency.


Strategic Alignment

Ensure all team actions align with the company’s goals and plans, which will improve your performance and help you reach your goals.


Data Accuracy

Tracking Improves data accuracy by logging engagement activities. This ensures a complete history of interactions.


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