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Track all your Leads with Link Tracking

With CrmOne, tracking becomes easy. Our Link Tracking lets you track all leads and capture every click and interaction across your campaigns. This detailed insight transforms how you connect with your audience, making sure you don’t miss any opportunity. CrmOne offers you a complete view of how customers engage, click rates, and conversion metrics, keeping your strategies ahead of the competition.


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Key features for Link Tracking in CrmOne

Precision Targeting with CrmOne Advanced Link Tracking

Track marketing channels

Create URLs for conversations on different marketing platforms. You can track each link for every particular contact and lead in CRMONE . This enables users to associate with each link and track which channels drive the most engagement and conversions. For sales and marketing, you can understand the ROI of different channels.


Custom URL Creation


Individual Link Tracking


Conversion Tracking

Contact File Tracking

Track and manage individual contact files within CrmOne. Store comprehensive details about each contact, including interactions, preferences, and purchase history. This makes it easy for sales teams to access customer records and update information for each contact and deal. It also simplifies updating customer records, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in sales tasks.


Detailed Contact Profiles


Interaction Tracking


Contact File Management

Custom URL tracking

Track the success of offline marketing campaigns by creating unique landing pages. This allows you to use tracking URLs to track each interaction in CRMONE. Businesses can track offline campaign effectiveness, like print ads or events. You can Create unique tracking URLs for every offline marketing campaign. This allows you to get accurate data on campaign performance and success.


Automated Link Tracking

Auto Click Tracking helps businesses track clicks on links. It provides businesses with real-time insights into recipient interaction, allowing for quick assessment of campaign performance and optimization. You can track clicks to see how engaged users are with different ads, messages, and updates. This helps businesses know what their audience likes.


Auto Click Tracking


Custom Notifications


Engagement Analysis

Personalized Link Tracking

Personalized links help track who clicks on messages by using dynamic content and unique web addresses. By using personalized link tracking, businesses can create better connections with users. They can share content and deals related to what users like and do, making users more interested and likely to respond.


Dynamic Content Integration


Enhanced User Interaction


Cross-Channel Compatibility

Transform Your Marketing Efforts with Tracking Links

Harness Insights with CrmOne Link Tracking Solutions


Enhanced Campaign Measurement

Link tracking allows for precise measurement of the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. By directing traffic to custom landing pages with unique links, businesses can learn which ads work best to make sales.


User Engagement

Tracking URLs provides detailed insights into how people respond to ads on different websites or apps. This includes the number of clicks and offering a clear picture of overall engagement levels.


Optimization of Marketing ROI

By identifying which ads and campaigns get the most responses and conversion rates. This optimization contributes to an improved ROI for marketing efforts.


Personalized Marketing Strategies

By using dynamic content and custom URLs for personalized link tracking, businesses can customize their ads to fit what each person likes and does. This personalization enhances the relevance of marketing efforts.


Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding how different links perform in different ads and channels helps determine the customer journey. This insight allows for the optimization of touchpoints to improve the customer experience.


Competitive Advantage

Link tracking can provide a competitive edge by making your marketing more focused and effective. Businesses that use these insights can do better than their competitors by better matching what their customers like and need.


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