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By integrating telephony solutions, CrmOne centralizes all communication channels. Your sales teams can easily keep track of customer calls on different platforms using one simple interface. You can make sales calls better and faster with streamlined call handling, quick access to customer info, or auto-dialing.


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Lead Generation

Capture and Manage data of potential leads both online and offline. The data can come from various sources such as website forms, social media, purchased lists, or other marketing efforts. The CrmOne helps organize the data and make it easily accessible for your telecallers. Based on the data, you can decide which lead to call first, and it provides a clear view of tasks and follow-ups.


Capture Leads


Agent Smart Views


Lead Scoring


Seamless Integrations

Lead Distribution

Automatically route your incoming leads to your telecallers based on predefined rules such as geographic location, product specialization, lead score, or availability. Leads are distributed to telecallers based on their skills, experience, or past performance. This ensures a fair and strategic distribution of leads among all telecallers.


Improved Conversions


Quick Response Time


Detailed Monitoring


Fair Distribution

Auto-Call Dialing

Save time and increase efficiency with automated call dialing. Automates the process of making outbound calls. Instead of dialing each number, the system automatically dials the next queue lead. This simplifies the calling process; telecallers can reach more potential leads in less time by reducing the time spent between calls.


Call tracking

Measure your business advertising ROI by attributing call sources. Every incoming and outgoing call is stored within CrmOne. Details such as call duration, time, date, and the caller’s number are recorded. This tracking allows managers and team members to review conversations for quality assurance and training—or dispute resolution purposes.


Call Recording


Call Logging


Caller Identification


Call Analysis

Integrated Telephony

Make, receive, and manage calls without needing separate telephony software. Seamlessly connect with more than 50PBX phone systems using CrmOne. Users can make calls directly from the CRM interface with a single click on a contact number. This eliminates the need to dial numbers manually and reduces the risk of dialing errors.




Advanced Call Routing


Real-time Analytics


Data Centralization

Third-Party API Integration

CrmOne enables Third-Party API Integration to link with various external applications. Connect your Tele-calling applications with CrmOne for seamless reporting and management. This integration allows data to move and sync up between CrmOne and your other systems. telecallers can access all the necessary information and functionalities in one place.


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Unlock 360-Degree Customer View


Personalized Engagement

With access to detailed customer information, your team can engage with customers more personally. This personalization makes every customer feel valued and understood, enhancing customer relationships.


Improved Sales Performance

The integrated Telecalling unlocks the full potential of your sales team. By providing them with detailed customer insights, they can approach calls more. This leads to more successful sales conversations.


Transformation of Telecalling 

Transforms the telecalling approach from routine to remarkable. This means going past usual call scripts to having more meaningful and effective conversations with customers.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By making connections rather than calls, Telecalling Service helps build stronger customer relationships. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which are key to your business growth.


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