Deal management

Manage your Sales Pipeline with Deal management

CrmOne deal management is everything you need to manage deals across stages in your sales process. Improve how you manage deals with your own sales pipeline. Keep track of and watch over your deals, set up automatic follow-ups, and get instant updates. Get real-time tracking of deals in your sales process. Manage your deals anytime-anywhere with our mobile app for on-the-go flexibility.


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Custom Deal Pipeline

Customize your deal pipeline with our drag-and-drop editor to match your business needs. Customize your sales stages, tags, and milestones with our user-friendly interface. Adapt your pipeline to reflect your sales process, ensuring every deal progresses. Create and edit your unique sales pipelines tailored to specific products, services, customer interests, or locations.


Pipeline Customization


Stage Customization


Pipeline Adjustments


Easy Management

Create Auto Deals

Get rid of manual data entry. Our platform makes it easy to create new deals and automatically updates with the latest information. CrmOne makes selling easier. It updates your deal list when you add new deals from contacts or company records. Your sales team can add or modify deal stages with our pipeline management software.


Automated Deal Creation


Real-Time Updates


Streamline Sales Processes


Increased Productivity

Track Deals Pipeline

Easily keep an eye on your deals with CrmOne Deal Management. See which deals will close this month, check daily earnings, follow sales stages, and more with up-to-date reports. Our easy-to-use dashboard identifies where your sales are slowing down. This helps you improve how you work with customers and discover where you can grow.


Deal Scoring

Identifying the most promising deals in your pipeline with CrmOne smart lead management system. Use our Deals Scoring feature to identify high-potential opportunities. Predict future revenue across different stages with precision through our deal management. Analyzes Contact Behavior and Interests, providing valuable insights to personalize your marketing approach.


Personalized Marketing


Contact Behavior Analysis


Interest-Based Insights


Sales Prioritization

Measure Team Performance

Optimize your team’s performance with CrmOne streamline insights. You can Track your team’s performance at both individual and team levels. Our sales dashboard provides instant insights into the sales cycle and areas for improvement. Analyzing revenue data and detailed analytics lets you know your strategies work.


Sales Cycle Insights


Team Performance Tracking


Data-Driven Decisions


Customize Reporting

Stay Ahead in Sales – Get Started with CrmOne Advanced Deal Tracking

Gain Total Pipeline Visibility and Control with CrmOne


Complete Pipeline Visualization

Get a complete view of your sales pipeline with the ability to break down the sales process into actionable tasks.


Efficient Deal Tracking

Track all deals in one place, clearly showing business performance and opportunities.


Mobile Accessibility

Access and manage your deals on the go with a mobile-friendly platform, ensuring you’re always connected.


Focus on High-Value Deals

Use Real-time insights to focus on the most promising deals and optimize your sales efforts.


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