Access Management

Simplified Access for Your Sales Team

Our robust access controls and permission keep your customer data safe and secure. Assign and manage roles with precision. Customize access for different roles and teams to balance security and ease of use. Start to Secure your data and empower your team with CrmOne.


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Smarter your Access Controls

Customize your Access for Custom Needs

Customize User Roles and Permissions

Set access for each team member based on their job so that each member has the right level of access to perform their tasks. With CrmOne, you’re protecting your data and ensuring compliance. The system allows you to set up permissions that align with data privacy and safeguarding. This maintains your organization’s reputation and your customer’s satisfaction.


Compliance and Data Privacy


Custom Precision


Data Protection

Data Encryption

Keep your customer and lead data safe with strong encryption, ensuring private information stays secure. CrmOne provides an essential layer of security that keeps customer data safe. This encryption ensures compliance and builds trust between your business and clients. Even if the data is intercepted, it remains unreadable and safe from malicious activity.


Dual-layer Security


Compliance and Trust


Authorized Personnel

Regular Data Backups

CrmOne provides a reliable and secure method to protect customer and lead data. It offers continuous protection, compliance, easy recovery, customizable schedules, and secure storage. Regular Data Backups ensures that your customer data is backed up and provide a safety net against data loss. Data Backups allow for quick and easy data recovery. It also keeps your backups safe from unwanted access.


Detailed Access Logs

Access Logs allow you to see who accessed what data and when giving you complete visibility and control over how information is used and by whom. You can identify any unusual or unauthorized access patterns. This helps you in preventing potential security threats. Detailed Logs allow you to analyze user behavior, helping you make informed decisions about training needs and roles.


User Activity Track


Quick Response


Logging Levels

Types of Access Management offered in CrmOne

Customizable User Roles

Customize your user roles to reflect various job responsibilities within your company. You can set up different access levels that suit your business structure, from simple to advanced.

Basic Permissions

Assign fundamental access rights so that every user can use the important features of the CrmOne.

Standard Object Permissions

Set up access rules for specific data types, allowing users to interact with standard CrmOne contacts according to their job roles.

Module Object Permissions

Provide access to specialized modules or custom objects based on user roles. Users can interact only with relevant data to their specific tasks.


Take Control of Your Data with Secure Access Management

Empower Your Teams with Robust Controls


Controlled Data Access

Robust access controls ensure team members can access the necessary data and tools. This careful control ensures that only the right people can have access at the right time, which makes the data secure and compliant.


Quick Decision-Making

With appropriate access to data and tools, teams can make quick, informed decisions. This agility is crucial for driving business growth and responding to market changes.


Enhanced Team Productivity

Allowing each team member to view and share necessary information can improve overall productivity. Team members can work more efficiently when they have the information they need.


Improved Information Sharing

The system facilitates better information sharing among team members. This leads to a more collaborative work environment and ensures everyone is on the same page, which is vital for cohesive team efforts.


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Business Excellence.

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