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Our Smart Lead Management helps you sell more and close deals with complete, automated, easy-to-use features. You can Capture, Track, Nurture, Engage leads, and automate sales prospects all in one place. Get your lead details and automate follow-up by making calls, sending WhatsApp messages, and sending emails using the same platform.


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Capture Every Business Opportunity with our Lead Management

Generate business leads

CrmOne lead management generates leads from various sources, including websites and social media. You can get leads from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. CrmOne brings lead information from ads and interactions directly into the system. You can also easily integrate our accessible web forms on your landing pages. This makes getting leads smooth and easy so that you will get all business leads.


Social Media Integration


Web Forms Integration


Import leads from Ads


Multi-Source Lead Generation

Automatic Lead Scoring

Prioritize your best sales leads by giving them scores based on your rules. This helps you find the most qualified leads. CrmOne includes scoring rules to prioritize leads; this allows sales teams to pick the most important leads. It lets sales and marketing teams decide what makes a lead valuable for their business and market. By assigning scores to leads, CrmOne helps sales teams concentrate on the most qualified leads.


Custom Scoring Criteria


Prioritization of Leads


Automatic Lead Scoring


Aligning sales efforts

Omnichannel Lead Nurturing

CrmOne lets you connect with leads in various ways, like social media, phone calls, live chat, and email. You can create target segments based on your contacts, website visits, emails, products, and geography. Use your scoring rules to nurture your leads with personalized outreach and automatic lead prioritization. This makes your sales work easier by automatically tracking all customer records.


Manage Contact Documents

CrmOne makes managing all your contact documents easier. This feature helps your business keep and find all important documents related to your leads and client contacts. You can get documents like contracts and agreements with just one click. Your sales team keeps an eye on track document updates, revisions, and interactions over time. Also, with this easy access, you always have the information at your fingertips when talking to potential customers.


Streamlined Documents


All Documents Accessibility


Documents Tracking


Document Security

Reporting and analysis

CrmOne provides powerful analytics tools to measure and improve the lead management process. It helps track the number of leads brought in, conversion rates, and the effectiveness of different lead sources. You can Analyze your sales performance and track your Customer lifecycle with built-in analytics dashboards. This Streamlines your tracking and decision-making processes with CrmOne smart reporting and analysis.


Lead Tracking Metrics


Sales Performance Analysis


Customer Lifecycle Tracking


Built-in Analysis Dashboard

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Seamless your Conversion from Lead Capture to Deals


Efficient Lead Capture

Capturing leads from various sources like web forms and social media. This ensures that every potential lead is noticed.


Omnichannel Engagement

You can Engage leads through different channels like social media, phone calls, live chat, and email for complete outreach.


Targeted Segmentation

Create targeted segments based on lead history, website visits, email interactions, products of interest, and geographical data for precise marketing strategies.


Personalized Outreach

Engage leads with personalized messages, increasing the likelihood of conversion through tailored communication.


Effortless Tracking

Automatically record and track all interactions with customers across different channels. This makes your lead management more efficient.


Seamless Lead Conversion

Turn your potential leads into deals and associate lead details with contacts for future reference.


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