Facebook Integration

Sync Your Facebook Leads Direct into CrmOne

Facebook helps you connect with people. CrmOne enables you to connect your Facebook to your CRM account. It gets automated leads from your Facebook ads and organic posts. So, you can save these new leads and contacts from Facebook in CrmOne.


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Turn every Facebook interaction into a potential lead

Conversation to Conversion

Lead Engagement

Engage with prospects on Facebook and keep track of interactions in CrmOne. Facebook integration allows you to track what people are saying about your brand on Facebook. You can react to posts, reply with comments, or make new posts from the CRM. This engagement ensures you’re always engaged with your audience and can manage conversations with your prospects in real time.


Engagement Tracking


Brand Monitoring


Direct Interaction from CRM


Real-Time Management

Automated Lead Capture

Capture and store leads from Facebook chats into CrmOne and make getting new lead generation process simpler. Each time you get a new lead from Facebook ads, CrmOne saves it with details for you in the database. This automation lets you quickly get leads from ads and organic posts by ensuring you capture and save every possible lead in CRM.


Automated Lead Capture


Detailed Lead Information


Lead Source Tracking


Centralized Lead Management

Real-Time Notifications

Receive instant alerts in CrmOne for any significant Facebook activity. CrmOne integration with Facebook allows you to monitor what people say about your brand on the platform. You can react to posts, reply to comments, or make new posts from the CRM. This real-time data keeps you updated and ready to respond, providing a swift and effective customer service experience.


Detailed Customer Insights

Please find out your customer’s behavior and likes by looking at their Facebook activity in CRMOne. Once you add a contact to CrmOne, you can access their full details, deals, and activities in the Social Tab. This customer insight gives you a complete view of each customer by helping you communicate with them and make smarter sales plans.


Centralized Social Insights


Enhanced Communication


Deal and Activity Tracking


Comprehensive Contact Profiles

Boost your sales – connect Facebook with CrmOne

Maximize Your Sales Potential with CrmOne Facebook Integration


Seamless Tracking

This integration allows your business to keep track of all your Facebook conversations in one place. Tracking ensures seamless management of your customer interactions and keeps track of potential sales leads.


Facebook Leads into Sales

By managing and responding to customers through CrmOne, Your business can turn the Facebook leads into actual sales conversions. This enhances your actual sales potential.


Instant Alerts for Engagement

The integration provides instant alerts for mentions or messages on Facebook, keeping your business updated with customer interactions. This alert ensures timely responses and ongoing engagement.


Enhance Sales and Growth

Using Facebook with CrmOne lets your business improve sales experience and grow faster. This integration improves the sales process and enhances social media as a sales channel.


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Business Excellence.

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