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CrmOne Smart Task Management

Our Task Management is designed to empower your sales and marketing team. CrmOne makes managing your tasks and workflows easier, so you can focus on completing them instead of organizing them. Our task dashboard puts all your tasks, meetings, and contacts in one easy place by making it simple to stay organized. Ensure you always catch up in managing tasks and track progress.


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Task Management Meets Your Sales Process

One Dashboard, Multiple Solutions

Manage Tasks and Projects


Centralized Task Dashboard


​​Prioritize To-do List


​​Team Collaboration


​​Seamless Integration

Organize Tasks

CrmOne provides a unified platform where all tasks, meetings, and contact details are managed in one place. You can Create Custom Boards to organize your projects and visualize work plans into actionable units, such as “to do,” “doing,” and “done. Users can also customize how they view their tasks, allowing for a more organized task experience to gain unique perspectives and clear insights into project status.


Sorting Tasks


Shared Task


Real-Time Updates


Task Completion Insights

Take task control

Gain complete control over your work with Our dynamic filter set that empowers you to customize your view and navigate through tasks. This includes filters for users, types of tasks such as Email, Visit, To-Do, and Call, updates on tasks as they happen, how important each task is, when they are due, tags, and other specific details about tasks.


Assign priority

Assigning priority levels to tasks ensures that your team clearly understands strategic work planning. Set task reminders to keep your team focused, preventing missed deadlines and time mismanagement. You can Sync your appointments and calendars to connect your meetings straight from CrmOne. This Improves your teamwork and collaboration.


Priority Task Level


Task Reminders


Calendar Synchronization


Enhance Teamwork

Recurring Task Automation

Set your recurring tasks, which are tasks that happen again and again, like every day or week. You don’t have to make a new task each time; it gets created on your chosen schedule. With CrmOne, you can set up a task to repeat by marking it as recurring, so it gets added to your calendar when it’s the next due date. Making tasks repeat automatically helps you work better, get more done, and create your operations more efficient.


Automated Recurring Tasks


Easy Scheduling


Calendar Integration


Operational Efficiency

Plan your Task and Project Management – on the go!

Your All-in-One Task Hub that Aligns with your Goals


Centralized Task Organization

Keep all your tasks, meetings, and contact details in one place, eliminating the need to switch between different tools.


Prioritization Made Easy

Easily prioritize your to-do list and take immediate action within the CRM, ensuring focus on the most important tasks.


Seamless Workflow Integration

Connect your task management that streamlines with your marketing and sales plans to match your business goals better.

efficient_task_in_CRM Tracking

Efficient Task Tracking

Spend less time moving between emails, calendars, and spreadsheets, and more time building potential customer relationships.


Increased Sales. Strong Relationships.

Business Excellence.

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