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Want to make better business decisions, boost your team’s work, and get more done? CrmOne data reports are here to help! With graphical metrics, get clear insights into your customers, sales, and marketing data. The data reports will help you make better business decisions. Start your free trial today to access detailed metrics, conversion reports, cohort analysis, and more.


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Custom chart Reports

Go beyond the limitations of standard reports! Get customized charts that answer your specific business questions. Create charts for anything from team performance to sales targets, marketing campaigns, or any custom data from your own CRM data. Take advantage of visualizing relationships and patterns in your data. Explore your data from various angles and perspectives.


Exporting and Sharing


Chart Types


Responsive Design

Funnel and Cohort Analysis

Funnel analysis and cohort analysis are used to track and analyze customer behavior. Track Your Sales Funnel Stages and Leads. See how many leads are at each sales funnel stage, from awareness to buying. This analysis improves your conversion rates and increases customer lifetime value. Start analyzing your sales funnel. Develop better products and services by understanding what your customers need and want.


Sequential Tracking


Comparative Analysis


Lifecycle Analysis

Listing Reports

Listing Reports provide a detailed overview of your listings and performance. This lets you generate various reports to manage your team and activities. You can track the total number of your leads through the listing view. Get a visual representation of how many leads are in each stage. This report helps optimize your sales, marketing, and customer service strategies.


Advanced Reporting

With our Advanced Reporting feature, you can schedule reports to be sent to you daily, weekly, or monthly. This way, you always have the information you need the most. You can also set up recurring reports with flexible criteria. You can subtotal, summarize, and even hide specific data to get a clearer picture of your data.


Custom Report Types


Cross Filters


Summary Formulas

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Customer Understanding

You can deeply understand your customer’s needs and buying patterns by analyzing customer data from various reports. This knowledge is crucial for tailoring products and services to meet customer demands.


Targeted Marketing

The insights gained from data reporting enable you to identify critical customer segments. This allows you to create custom marketing and sales strategies. Making sure that strategies are targeted, effective, and leading to optimal results.


Identification of Improvement

Detailed reports help your business find your needs to improve, like their products, customer service, or how they do things. This helps to keep your customers loyal and attract new ones.


Data-Driven Decision

Turning data insights into actionable results can help businesses make informed decisions based on solid data. This data-driven approach leads to more strategic and successful business operations.


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