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CrmOne Product Management simplifies creating and sorting new product details. Save your efforts by avoiding product mistakes. Focus on your business’s crucial aspects. CrmOne allows your team to follow the business roadmap. By making your entire product lifecycle process more accessible.


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Catalog Management

The CrmOne catalog feature makes it easy for customers to find products. Customers can locate their desired items, including product names, images, descriptions, and prices. This improves customer satisfaction and increases the chances of selling your products.

Product Status

Product Listing

Pricing and Discounts

Inventory Tracking

Product Variations

Simplify managing your products with our Product variation feature. Categorize products by size, color, or configuration. Track and order variations, improving data accuracy and providing insights for better decisions.

Product Variations List

Pricing Information

Variation Attributes

Sales and Order History

Quoting and Proposals

In CrmOne, you can create quotes and proposals for customers. It allows you to make product catalogs and manage pricing. It helps with making proposals and handling quotes. It makes your sales process more accessible and improves the customer experience. It helps track product offerings during sales.


Payment Integration

CrmOne helps your business accept payments for goods and services. Our easy-to-use interface lets you control payment settings. Simplify your payment process with Payment Integration. Enhance security to boost sales and income.

Payment Gateway Integration

Transaction Management

Tax Management

Security and Compliance

Sales Tracking

CrmOne tracks sales leads, letting sales teams input, track, and analyze data in one place. It helps in managing interactions with prospects and customers. This contributes to the effective tracking of sales data.

Sales Pipeline Management

Forecasting and Reporting

Manage Deal Details

Sales Activity Tracking

Reporting and Analytics

CrmOne analytics track various metrics. These measurements encompass lead decline percentages, stage length examination, and sales funnel. It also helps measure your sales call success and sales reps’ performance. This analytics helps your business make informed decisions for sales strategies


Smart Mapping Approach

The smart mapping approach offers careful options for mapping products. It includes sorting categories, adding descriptions, and inserting images. You can also import products into the CRM system.

Customer Journey Mapping

Product Roadmap Planning

Data-Driven Decision Making

Market Mapping and Analysis

Dynamic Product Creation

Use Dynamic Product Creation to make new products. To create a product, give specific details like name, description, price, and pictures. Improve your system by simplifying product management. Customize it to fit your business requirements.

Dynamic Fields

Data Visualization

Real-time Updates

Products Metrics and Analytics

Simplified All-in-One Product management with CrmOne

Get Your 360-Degree Product Visibility

Complete Product Lifecycle

CrmOne provides a 360-degree Product overview of your products’ life cycles. This complete understanding is critical for making informed decisions about product development, marketing, and sales strategies.

Streamline Business Operations

The product management features help you streamline various aspects of business operations. This clear view of your product lifecycle can improve inventory management, planning production, and customer services.

visual_representation _milestones
Visual Representation of Milestones

Product management offers visual representations of your business milestones related to your products. This visual approach makes tracking product progress, identifying trends, and communicating key information within your team or stakeholders easier.

Empowered Product Management

CrmOne empowers you to manage your products more effectively. The ability to adapt the view to your needs allows for better control and oversight of your product portfolio. This leads to improved product management and business outcomes.


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