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Gain a strategic overview of your sales data and sales cycle across different funnel stages with CrmOne Sales Funnel Builder. Understand your buyer journey and streamline your sales from lead acquisition to deal closure. Customize your marketing pipeline with actionable insights. Experience advanced analytics, make your stages, and strategic insights. Start your free trial today.


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Sales Pipeline Management

CrmOne Sales Pipeline Management helps your sales team to work better and faster to turn leads into close deals. Our drag-and-drop interface easily manages and views the entire sales process, allowing users to see where each deal stands at a glance. Our easy-to-use platform makes complex sales processes into a streamlined visual journey.


Drag-and-Drop Interface


Increased Deal Closure Rate


Visual Journey Mapping


Simplified Sales Processes

Track Sales Funnel

As your business grows, following the sales process can get tough. It’s hard for your team to keep up with key activities like tracking leads and staying in touch with customers. Discover the CrmOne free sales funnel Builder that defines each stage of your sales pipeline based on your customer journey. Identify and track performance and focus on high-value deals from one dashboard. This information helps you improve and combine your sales processes for increased revenue.


Real-Time Updates


Unified Dashboard


Sales Process Optimization


Performance Tracking

Customize Sales Funnel

Customize your sales process to match your prospect needs with CrmOne pipeline management. Define each stage of your pipeline based on your customer journey. Add, edit, or delete funnel stages, and forward by assigning tasks to your team. This feature lets you change the steps of the sales funnel to fit your business’s sales process, making it flexible and relevant.


Custom Fields and Filters

CrmOne filters allow you to view your sales data in various ways. With the ability to add custom fields to get specific information about leads and deals and use filters to sort and analyze your sales pipeline. Helping you to find patterns and make data-driven decisions to improve your sales. You can use filters to segment your sales pipeline and analyze your data precisely.


Segment and Analyze data


Add Custom Fields


Create Custom Filters


Generate reports

Email Marketing Integration

CrmOne Email Marketing Integration allows you to connect with leading email platforms. You can Create and execute targeted drip email campaigns that nurture leads through every sales funnel stage. This helps to Gain deep insights into how well your emails perform by tracking who opens them and clicks on links. You can make informed decisions based on the responses you get and improve your engagement over time.


Targeted Drip Campaigns


Data-Driven Decisions


Performance Insights


Track Engagement

Optimize Sales Process

Track insights for the various stages in your marketing funnel. CrmOne shows you the changes for each stage. This helps you assess the efficiency of your sales process by analyzing the conversion rate. You can Optimize your repetitive tasks with automation based on predefined triggers. Set it up to send follow-up emails or assign tasks when specific triggers happen.


Stage-by-Stage Tracking


Data-Driven Optimization


Conversion Rate Analysis


Custom Triggers

Get a 360° View of Your Sales Pipeline with CrmOne Funnel Builder

Manage your Sales Strategy with CrmOne Advanced Funnel Builder


Complete Pipeline Visibility

Get a clear view of your sales pipeline and see all open deals and their current stage; this helps you focus and make informed sales efforts.


Customizable Funnel Templates

Choose from various ready-made funnel templates, or make your own to match your unique sales process, saving you time and resources.


Workflow Optimization

Make your sales faster with automated tasks triggered by specific lead actions. This helps you manage and follow up with leads better.


Data-Driven Strategy

Use the sales pipeline for tracking progress and forecasting results, helping to plan and focus on areas for improvement.


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