Explore CRM Options Beyond Monday CRM vs CrmOne

Monday CRM vs CrmOne

The affordable option compared to Monday CRM


simplifying workflow automation​


advanced email marketing capabilities


offers more features in its lower-tier


Advanced conversion-optimized landing pages.



Per month

Plan Type Enterprise
Additional cost / user $24.99/month
Marketing contacts unlimited
Onboarding Free
Marketing automation unlimited
Free plans Yes


Contact sales

Per month

Plan Type Enterprise CRM
Additional cost / user Included in cost
Marketing contacts unlimited
Onboarding Likely available
Marketing automation limited
Free plans Yes

CrmOne Vs Monday CRM

CrmOne is your all-in-one, budget-friendly than Monday CRM




Why choose Monday CRM vs CrmOne?

Find out why CrmOne is the best choice over Monday CRM.



CrmOne offers businesses a cost-effective solution by providing a free CRM platform that integrates marketing, sales, content management, and customer service into one seamless system.


Free plan with marketable contacts


Unlimited Contacts

CrmOne empowers businesses to handle unlimited marketing contacts by enabling them to nurture leads and manage customer interactions efficiently.


Contacts in the Pro plan


No Restriction / No Hidden Cost

CrmOne is transparent in its pricing and service offerings, ensuring there are no hidden costs or restrictions. Thus, businesses can fully take advantage of the platform’s capabilities.


Restricting contracts


Free Onboarding

CrmOne offers free onboarding services, helping businesses start using the platform without extra setup costs. This includes support for smoothly integrating CrmOne into existing systems.


No additional setup fees


Top Notch Support

CrmOne is committed to providing top-notch support to its users. The customer support team is available to assist with any issues or questions, ensuring that businesses receive timely and effective help when needed.


Effective assistance whenever needed

Monday CRM vs CrmOne — A Quick Overview.

Compare Monday CRM vs CrmOne: all-in-one, Feature-Rich, Cost-Effective, and Easy to Use.


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Email Management image image
SMS Management image image
Whatsapp Management image image
Call Management image image
Facebook Management image image
Instagram Management image image
Google My Business Management image image


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Ticket Management image image
Knowledge base image image
Customer Portal image image

AI Integration

FEATURE CrmOne Monday
AI-Powered website template image image
AI-Powered funnel template image image
AI-Powered email template image image
Conversation AI image image

Customer Support

FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Email Support image image
Live Chat image image
Phone Call image image
Dedicated Manager image image

Developer API

FEATURE CrmOne Monday
API calls image image


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Payments Platform image image
Email Platforms image image
ECommerce Platform image image
Customer Service Platforms image image


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Sales deal pipelines image image
Calls/SMS from CRM image image
Accountbased marketing image image
Email personalization image image
Customer segmentation image image
Custom leaderboards image image
Deal Management image image
Task Management image image
Recurring Task image image
Followup image image
Product Management image image
Quotes Management image image
Calendar Management image image
Activity Tracking image image


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Custom reports image image
Daily email reports image image
Sales reports image image
ECommerce reports image image
Growth analysis image image
Funnel reports image image
Customized Dashboard image image
Sales Analytics image image
Agent Reporting image image
Call Reporting image image
Appointment Reporting image image
CRM Reporting image image


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Funnel Builder image image
Social Media Management image image
Planner image image
Form Builder image image
Survey Builder image image
Email Template image image
SMS Template image image
Link Tracking image image
Campiagn Management image image
Reputation Management image image
Landing page builder image image
Draganddrop editor image image
Web Hosting image image
Lead capture forms image image


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Contact Management image image
Account Management image image
Lead Management image image
Lead Board image image
Bulk Operations image image
Appointment Management image image
Documents Management image image
Dynamic lists image image
360˚ contact view image image

Additional Features

FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Advanced filters & actions image image
Notes & tasks image image
Import & export image image
Custom fields image image
Lead Scoring image image
Lead Routing image image
Territory Management image image
Agent Internal Chat image image
File Storage image image
Customer Portal image image
Custom Object image image
Forecasting image image
Custom Reports image image
Single Sign On Login image image
Sandbox image image
Space Per User 5 GB image image
Push notifications image image
Predictive analysis image image
Geo Tracking image image


FEATURE CrmOne Monday
Contact Automation image image
Account Automation image image
Deal Automation image image
Ticket Automation image image
Marketing Automation image image
Email Automation image image

CrmOne vs. Monday CRM: Which is Best for Your Marketing Team?

CrmOne: The Ultimate Marketing and Sales Solution

All-in-One CRM: CrmOne complete CRM, unlike Monday Tools


User Experience

CrmOne is designed to be user-friendly. Its interface is built-in, making it easy for teams of all sizes to start using it quickly.


Integration Options

CrmOne integrates well with popular tools like Slack and Google Workspace, ensuring smooth workflow automation and data sync.


Customer Support

CrmOne offers customer support via live chat, email, and phone. You can always get the help you need whenever you need it.


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