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Your Power Dialer with CrmOne robust integration. Gain instant access to customer details and complete control over agent operations. Set up your outbound calling list with ease. Our Power Dialer CRM lets you easily add phone numbers from contacts or import a new list. This flexible setup reduces manual effort, simplifies calls, and helps you with quick sales and support.


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Automated Outbound Dialing

Power Dialer automates your outbound calls. It lets your sales team focus on connecting with customers rather than manual dialing. Auto-calling a list of numbers can saves your time and manual effort, helping your agents do more, connect with more leads, and give better service. Integrate your Auto – Dialer seamlessly with CrmOne to boost your sales efficiency.


Maximize Reach


Enhance Agent Performance


Seamless Integration


Personalized Customer Interactions

Customizable Call Queues

Set and confirm appointments like you never did with call queues that organize your calls automatically. Receive follow-ups in call queues at a proper scheduled time. Customize your call line-up to send calls to the right agent based on their expertise or specific campaign requirements. This call queue makes agents perform better and ensures customers speak with the best person to address their needs.


Streamline Sales Calls


Enhanced Agent Productivity


Dynamic Campaign Management


Real-Time Adjustments

Call List Management

You can accesses contact lists, leads, and prospects to sort and arrange these contacts by place or the lead score. Call List allows you to run targeted campaigns. You can organize, sort, set priorities, and automate outbound calls. It ensures your team focuses on the most promising leads at the right time.


Call Progress Detection

Our Dialer detects call outcomes, such as busy signals or live answers, and can schedule callbacks when needed. This enhances your sales and marketing efforts with advanced Call Progress Detection. Call Progress analyzes the status of calls when they happen, figuring out if a live person or an answering machine is on the other end. Doing this makes sure your team spends time talking to possible customers.


Intelligent Call Analysis


Boost Agent Productivity


Better Customer Experience


Data-Driven Strategies

Call Logging & Recording

You can record call details and conversations to help train, fix issues, and keep the correct call recordings. This call log records every call, detailing customer interactions, how agents perform, and the results of the call outcomes. Every dialing numbers is recorded with important details like call duration, who called and who answered, and the time stamp. This data is crucial for understanding interaction patterns and to make informed decisions.


Call Documentation


Detailed Interaction Insights


Quality Assurance


Ensure Compliance

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Gain insights into your team’s performance with real-time monitoring and reporting. Track your call outcomes, agent activity, and campaign success. Watch your team’s performance as it happens. Real-Time Monitoring lets you see who’s on a call, who’s waiting for the following lead, and how each call progresses. This real-time monitoring gives instant updates on your team’s calls and allows you to make immediate changes.


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Efficiency in Calling

The Call Dialer enables you to connect with more potential clients in less time. This better efficiency is crucial for your business that wants to reach more people without spending too much time on calls.


Smarter Call Management

It’s not about making more calls but making smarter calls. The Call Dialer helps your team target the right people at the right time, making each call more likely to succeed.



By focusing on more productive calls, the Dialer saves time that would otherwise be spent on unproductive tasks. This allows your sales team to concentrate on calls with a higher chance of yielding results.


Instant Access to Information

The Auto-Dialer offers instant access to customer details and history. This immediate availability of information allows for more informed and effective calls, as agents can personalize their approach based on customers’ backgrounds.


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Business Excellence.

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