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Access Management

With better management, we are making it easier for users to control their access. You can make managing users easier with CrmOne. Give them specific roles that clearly show what they should do, simplifying controlling who sees company data.


IP Restriction

Secure User Logins Through CrmOne’s IP Restriction. Regulate user access by defining restricted IP address ranges at the user level. Access is limited to specific IP addresses, preventing logins from other IP addresses.


Telecalling Services

Improve your phone call performance with Telecalling CRM service. Manage your sales and support calls with the Telecalling CRM service, which gives you quick access to tools for instant call reports.


Power Dialer

Boost your sales work with CrmOne’s fast Power Dialer. Our advanced dialing tool makes calling easier for your sales team and eliminates manual data entry. This speeds up calls and makes work very efficient.


WhatsApp Integration

Add WhatsApp to your CRM to improve how you connect with customers and grow your customer base. This makes conversations with customers easy and allows for instant messaging and support.


Facebook Integration

Integrate Facebook leads into CrmOne. Easily link Facebook leads and contacts to your CRM system. Make your customer interaction smoother and turn leads into loyal customers.


Instagram Integration

Boost your sales with CrmOne’s Instagram service. By analyzing how customers act on Instagram, businesses can create engaging posts. Making campaigns that fit what customers like can increase sales.


SMS Integration

Build good customer connections with CrmOne’s SMS services. SMS integration simplifies texting and allows you to send and receive messages without needing to use different software. This makes it faster to solve customer questions.


Email Integration

Boost your sales with CrmOne’s email integration. Use CrmOne’s email integration to improve your sales by sending personalized emails that speak to your prospects and customers.


Geo Tracking

Geo-tracking solution designed to transform sales and marketing teams’ operations. With real-time location information, this feature aims to boost team performance, optimize plans, and deliver excellent customer service. It enables sales reps’ location in the field, aiding dynamic decision-making and operational efficiency.


Payment Integration

Increase money coming in with CrmOne’s payment integration. Let customers immediately pay when talking to sales reps or through one-time payment links you can share. Make buying easy for your customers, saving them time and effort.


Media Management

Organize Images And Other Media Files On A Single Centralized Platform. This will make it easy to find and use important media, helping your team work together. You can sort, label, and look through your media in one place for better teamwork.

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